Welcome to, where we prioritize the protection of intellectual property. Our commitment aligns with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Below, we outline the steps for addressing copyright concerns and provide information on how to report any potential issues.

Guide to Copyright Compliance

Reporting Copyright Concerns

If you suspect a copyright infringement on, please send a detailed email to our copyright agent at [email protected]. Include:

Responding to DMCA Notices

Upon receiving a valid DMCA notice, we promptly investigate and may restrict access to the content. We notify the user responsible, allowing them to submit a counter-notification if needed.

Counter-Notification Process

If your content is mistakenly removed, you can send a counter-notification to [email protected], including:

Dealing with Repeat Infringers

We reserve the right to terminate accounts with repeated copyright infringements.


At, we're dedicated to addressing copyright concerns promptly. Your collaboration helps us maintain a respectful digital space. For questions or clarifications, contact us at [email protected].